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10 Things To Do To Loose Weight : Shivohaam
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10 Things To Do To Loose Weight : Shivohaam

10 things to do to loose weight

  • Sleep more

Sleeping regular times and enough keeps the hunger hormone ghrelin in control and also sleeping makes you recover faster

  • Drink more water (low calories liquids)

Stretches the stomach making you feel you are stuffed. Any fluid is ok here. Also, try and drink more cold water. When you drink cold water your body has to bring that water down to your body temperature which means that it has to use energy. Thermogenic effect of water

  • Eat more often

Don’t skip meals, you end up binging. Ghrelin will keep coming up and eventually you will eat more later. Not like 10 meals a day. But at least 4-5 meals during the day. If you want to do IF because it suits your lifestyle then ok but if you doing it for loosing weight, then you rather just exercise harder and eat less quantity not less times a day.

  • Eat less fat compared to protein n carbs

It has twice the amount of calories. Yes it’s healthy but substitute it with more nutrient-dense low-calorie fruits and vegetables

  • Eat more protein:

Protein has a higher thermic effect than carbs and fat and the body basically burns more calories to break down n digest protein than it does to break down your pastas and avocados. It has less triggers to over eat and makes you full faster. 

  • Have coffee:

Coffee has caffeine n caffeine make you want to move more n basically burn more calories. Also caffeine makes you feel fuller which means you will eat less.

  • Eat more fruit n vegetables:

These are nutrient-dense and low-calorie foods. Fructose from fruit is not the reason why people are overweight. Yet control the quantity of fruit which you eat. Rely more on vegetables.

  • Go to the gym n lift weight:

Bigger muscles burn more calories. Do some form of resistance training and train hard. More muscle means higher metabolism. Muscle is more active and alive than fat is. The bigger you are the more calories you will burn while doing any activity.

  • Move more: be more activity.
  • Put the spoon down when it’s enough.

You don’t have to finish the plate. Don’t get up feeling stuffed. Stop eating when you feel comfortable.

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