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Actors Freddy Daruwala, Arshi Khan and Kamya Punjabi speaks their heart out on Shagun Gupta’s pmu treatment

Actors Freddy Daruwala, Arshi Khan and Kamya Punjabi speaks their heart out on Shagun Gupta's pmu treatment

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] :We have all had those moments of being star-struck by the evergreen glow on the faces of celebrities. It almost seems like they have had access to some secret reservoir of beauty from which they rekindle their beauty every single day. Permanent make-up has made this lasting beauty accessible to even the common masses. The best part- it would not burn a hole in your pocket either. Attempting to have celebrity-like glow and sheen has never been easier.

Shagun Gupta who is popular in B-town as permanent make-up expert has done several treatments to celebrities. Like Freddy Daruwala, Kamya Punjabi, Arshi Khan and many others.

Actress Kamya Punjabi who is very dear friend and client of Shagun Gupta, shared her experience and said, “I am not a person who does much about beauty but after pmu treatment I’m stunned. PMU is nothing like that where have to inject or something, it is purely Shagun’s art and the results of her amazing products”

The actress who is best known for her stint on ‘Bigg Boss 12’ – Arshi Khan is also the client of Shagun Gupta. She has a different experience to share and says, “My fans know how much crazy I’m taking my eyelashes which I also maintained at Bigg Boss house. This could be only possible because of Permanent Makeup.”

Handsome hunk and popularly know for his roles in ‘Race 3′, Commando 2’, ‘Holiday’ and several hit-making films – Freddy Daruwala shared his experience of getting treated for a treatment called Dermatude by Shagun Gupta and says, “It made my skin fluffy and more tighter also most importantly hydrating. In our daily fast lifestyle it becomes difficult to maintain the beauty of our skin with having no proper diet and treatments like these really helps to nourish our skin. I’ve got to introduce to this beautiful skin post treatment and I’m glad that Shagun Gupta treated me.”

Celebrities opt for multiple permanent make-up procedures mostly because it makes everyone’s life including that of celebrities much easier. In addition to this permanent make-up also provide a great foundation to work on and hence this new vertical in the world of beauty is as famous among celebrities as it is among the common public.

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