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Aditi Institute of Housing Society Management: Empowering Students, Enhancing Employability 

Considering the growing demand for assistance monitoring urban communities, authorities are always looking for eligible housing society managers. Leveraging this gap, Shraddha Dilip Lone founded her educational institute, Aditi Institute of Housing Society Management (Aditi Institute), which empowers students with potential tools and skills. 

Aditi Institute has evolved into one of the leading educational institutions, focusing on the housing society sector. The academy has announced significant achievements and future endeavours aimed at empowering individuals for successful careers.  

Shraddha Dilip Lone, the founder of Aditi Institute, reflects the institute’s spirit of resilience and determination.  After facing career challenges, Shraddha transitioned from a help desk role to becoming a successful entrepreneur in housing society management.  

After successfully managing more than one housing society, Shraddha established Aditi Institute in April 2022 and has since enrolled over 400 students in online and offline courses.

Significant Milestones in 2 Years

Within a span of a mere two years, the housing management entrepreneur has achieved the following: 

  • Enrollment Surge: Witnessed a surge in student enrollment, with more than 230 online and 175+ offline students seeking high-quality housing society management education.
  • Student Success Stories: 130 Students from the online and offline program have secured employment and an impressive 11 alumni have embarked on their entrepreneurial ventures.
  • On-the-Job Training: Unique on-the-job training initiative prepares students with invaluable practical experience, preparing them for real-world responsibilities.
  • Enhanced Learning Accessibility: Launched the institute’s user-friendly application during Dussehra, offering course materials and interactive sessions, fostering anytime-anywhere-learning.

Future-Oriented Initiatives

Aditi Institute commits to more than skill development. From ensuring employability to empowering candidates with innovative tools, the institute offers the following: 

  • Skill India Certification: Actively pursuing Skill India certification to enhance graduate employability further.
  • Placement Assistance Cell: Provides personalised guidance and connects graduates with industry-leading employers.
  • Live Online Classes: Recognises evolving learning preferences and introduces live online classes for dynamic experiences and peer collaboration.
  • Advanced Certification Programs: Specialized advanced programs are under development to keep graduates at the forefront of industry trends.

Aditi Institute remains true to its promise— providing top-tier education and empowering individuals for successful careers in the dynamic housing society sector.  Shraddha and her team envision training 100,000 individuals within the next decade, shaping the future workforce and driving industry evolution.

About Aditi Institute of Housing Society Management:

Aditi Institute of Housing Society Management offers innovative, high-quality education, empowering individuals to excel in the housing society sector.  Flexible learning options cater to diverse needs, while on-job training and lifetime support ensure success for graduates.

Contact Details:
Phone Number – 9987614416

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