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Big Bang Britt Unveils His Life Journey & Hurdles that leads Him to Be a Musician

Big Bank Britt Unveils His Life Journey & Hurdles that leads Him to Be a Musician

2x Business Owner of Bella Bankxxx Boutique and Elite Minkxxx /Social media influencer with over 230 thousand followers

Achievements: Big bank Britt 202 also has ppl clean up their credit and just by that alone with her other business “Approved 2 move” she’s made over 1 million dollars her newborn @babynovakash even has a successful business @novakashkloset her 14-year-old daughter is even talented she does hair and really good at it her 12year old son is currently in the process of starting up a business as well her oldest son is just a chill laid back fella. All in all, we’ve been seeing her on the rise she knows how to make the money. She has helped thousands of individuals all over the world with her many businesses and talents jack of all trades is an understatement for Ms. Big Bank Britt 202 the 33year old is definitely the one to bet your money on.

Goals/future plans. She has been working on a few projects she don’t wanna reveal yet but I hear they are major so just stay on the lookout for them.

Skills: A wonderful mom of 4 and you wouldn’t even be able to tell she has given birth to 4 beautiful babies.

She’s also a successful business owner of multiple businesses with her credit and hair business taking her to 1 million dollars in months.

Past related things like when did he/she started working. Big Bank Britt 202 has been in the hair industry fashion and credit business for a while now but has put her best foot forward and made them all very successful she’s driven and well educated.

What kind of personality. Big Bank Britt 202 is a very down to earth, fun, loving, goal-oriented, fashionable person she prefers to get business handled before partying she is always looking for ways to help others no matter what it is.

Follow her on Instagram: https://instagram.com/bigbankbritt202/

Experiences: Brittani comes from the southeast section of Washington DC she has overcome many bad situations that were meant to break her but she used those bad situations as a stepping stone and has prevailed she runs her businesses and also helps others in so many different ways.

Just stay consistent be you stay true to you do whatever it is you want to do.

Make yourself happy first before trying to be there for someone else last but not least put the lord first in everything you do and I promise you will go far.

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