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Book Launch of “My Career My Choice” Achieving Success with Abhishake De Sarkar

Kolkata (West Bengal), [India], 10th May, 2024: My Career, My Choice: Achieving Success with Abhishake De Sarkar is a compelling literary work that endeavors to reiterate the author’s unwavering belief, nurtured over the past two decades, that destiny is not a mere outcome of chance but a result of conscious choices. Abhishake De Sarkar emphasizes the pivotal importance of selecting the right career path and has meticulously outlined a step-by-step guide to help individuals realize their potential and attain success.

This book was launched in The Park Hotel at Park Street today afternoon by its own author Abhishake De Sarkar and was attended by: Ms. Alokananda Roy, Dance Therapist & Social Activist; Mr. Pranab Roy, Former Indian Cricketer; Mr. Keshav Ranjan Banerjee, Dhoni’s First Cricket Coach; Ms. Mahua Chakraborty, Film Director; Abhishake De Sarkar, Author & Overseas Educational Consultant and many other eminent personalities, and everyone has echoed that it is an invaluable resource for students grappling with the daunting task of deciding on their career trajectory. Abhishake De Sarkar books offers practical insights, dispels common myths, and provides a roadmap for young minds seeking direction in their professional journey. Through real-life anecdotes and well-researched advice, the author instills confidence in readers, helping them make informed choices that align with their aspirations.

Moreover, “My Career, My Choice” is not limited to the youth alone. It holds equal significance for parents who play the role of guiding lights in their children’s lives. Abhishake De Sarkar underscores the importance of informed parental support and offers a holistic perspective on how parents can facilitate their child’s journey towards a fulfilling career.

On this occasion, Mr. Abhishake De Sarkar, Author of the Book said, “In a world where career choices can shape the course of one’s life, this book serves as a beacon of wisdom and empowerment. This piece of work transcends generational boundaries, serving as an essential read for anyone seeking to harness the power of choice & embark on a path to success.”

About the Author: Abhishake De Sarkar is a highly regarded career coach with an impressive track record of 2 decades in the overseas education industry. As the founder of Advent Education Pvt Ltd he has carved a niche for himself as a distinguished figure in the field. Abhishake’s career journey has been marked by an unwavering commitment to helping students achieve their dreams of studying abroad and providing invaluable career guidance and business consultancy services.

Over the years, Abhishake has forged strong partnerships with numerous international universities across the globe, showcasing his extensive network and in-depth knowledge of the higher education landscape. His expertise lies in assisting Asian students in their pursuit of quality education abroad. Abhishake’s guidance extends beyond the simple act of sending students abroad; he excels in matching students with the right courses that align with their future career aspirations.

As a passionate advocate for education and a mentor to countless individuals, Abhishake De Sarkar has become synonymous with trust and excellence in the industry. His career spans an impressive timeline of 20 years, during which he has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to facilitating the academic and professional growth of aspiring students. Abhishake’s enduring legacy is one of empowerment, guidance, and unmatched expertise in the realm of overseas education. Along with his Post Graduation from Bhavans he has also completed Management development program on Strategic Thinking from IIM Indore and is an esteem Alumni of IIM Indore Executive program.

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