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Can Happiness Be Learned? A Global Well-being Company Has The Answer

Ever wondered if there’s a secret to happiness? What if Happiitude said it’s not just about luck or circumstance but a skill that can be developed, like learning a new language or mastering a musical instrument?  For many people, happiness seems like an intangible feeling, fleeting and dependent on external factors. But what if there were ways to cultivate happiness from within, to build resilience in the face of challenges, and to find joy in everyday moments?  This is the revolutionary idea behind Happiitude, a global well-being company on a mission to make happiness a learnable skill for everyone.

Happiitude, a leading global well-being company, aims to spread happiness and mindfulness worldwide. Founded by Karan Behl, a renowned expert in the field, Happiitude offers Eastern yogic wisdom and Western positive psychology to help individuals and organisations achieve greater well-being. 

A Global Leader in Happiness and Mindfulness

Karan Behl, a pioneer in happiness and mindfulness, has dedicated the last 13 years to transforming lives. His workshops and boot camps have impacted over 100,000 individuals from 150 companies and 50+ countries. His expertise extends beyond India, with programs delivered in Turkey, Portugal, and other locations.

Happiitude’s Happiness and Mindfulness Coach Certification program has empowered over 3,500 individuals to guide others on their journeys to happiness. The company’s programs are accessible to a global audience, with English, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, and Portuguese translations available.

Unique Programs for Individual and Workplace Well-being

Happiitude’s online courses foster a vibrant learning experience for participants from over 25 countries, highlighting the universality of the human desire for happiness.

The company’s blend of Eastern and Western philosophies resonates with a global audience. This is evidenced by the success of their Spiritual Growth Bootcamps held in Turkey and Portugal over the past year and their upcoming expansion into Vietnam, Malaysia, and Mexico in the next six months.

Happiitude recognises the importance of well-being in the workplace. Its academy offers specialised courses designed to cultivate happiness within organisations. These programs include the “Workplace Happiness Specialist” and “Mindfulness Leadership Programs,” which empower businesses to create a more positive and productive work environment.

With a dedicated team of 18 professionals and a rapidly growing global presence, Happiitude significantly impacts the world. Individuals can break down the process into manageable steps by approaching happiness as a skill. They can identify areas where they need improvement, set goals, and learn techniques to cultivate greater joy in their daily lives. Happiitude’s programs provide a roadmap for this journey, combining evidence-based practices and practical tools. 

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