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Entrepreneur Harsukhdeep Singh aka Savvy Singh is the next big thing in the Indian-Australian Film Direction Industry

As a child, Harsukhdeep Singh always dwelled into fantasies and he somehow managed to bring his imaginations into reality through his exceptional art of photography and videography. Presently he is an Ace Director, Producer, Filmmaker, DOP, Visual Artist and Video editor. Harsukhdeep is a specialist in aesthetic video direction, branding and editing; he has already worked with many high profile clients in his shining career.

Harsukhdeep Singh aka Savvy Singh recently shared his new project on his Instagram where he directed a promo video for Diljit Dosanjh’s world tour. He also has more than 10million views on his latest Music Video Judaiya in which he worked with Katrina Kaif’s sister Isabelle Kaif.

Contrary to the most successful Producers and Directors Harsukhdeep Singh comes from a humble background. Success was not served on a silver platter to this ace Entrepreneur, Harsukhdeep has gone through very tough times as a child and he has always dreamt of becoming successful for himself and his family. As a child, he always fantasized about photography and videography. When he grew up he started his own Production Unit that provides Film Production and solutions to various Brands for music videos and other purposes. Currently operating from India he has directed videos in Australia, Dubai, UK and India and is planning to visit Turkey, Canada and USA for his upcoming big projects.

Harsukhdeep Singh’s most recent big projects that have some of the most viral music videos are:-

  • Zindagi Haseen by Pav Dharia
  • Parshawan by Harnoor
  • Fully loaded by Tegi Pannu
  • Deewana by Akhil

Savvy Singh has been part of over 80 Projects. He has worked with known artists like Pav Dharia, Garry Sandhu, Tegi Pannu, Akhil, Harnoor, Bilal Saeed and Sidhu Moosewala. This Ace Director has almost 200 million views collectively on the projects mentioned above and almost a billion views on all projects collectively till date, NAJA by Pav Daria being over 500 million views alone.

Entrepreneur Harsukhdeep Singh believes that whether you are successful or not has nothing to do with your luck but only with your hard work. Talent plays a dime part in constructing success, the major part is played by determination and consistency. Harsukhdeep Singh is a believer of constant Improvement, for the young entrepreneurs he advises “Do not be egoistic, that’s the factor which can become an obstacle in terms of improvement and learning new things. Sit and make a concrete plan of action and then go for it as if there is no recourse. This is how you achieve the unachievable dreams.” We all must take inspiration from the likes of Entrepreneur Harsukhdeep Singh and try to incorporate in ourselves some of his qualities.

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