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How UP-based Start-Up Kapeefit is taking Ayurvedic Healthcare to the masses

UP-based health tech startup Kapeefit is on a mission to reinvent Ayurveda for the 21st century by harnessing technology to personalize the 5,000-year-old Indian wellness science.

Founded in 2020 by Nishant Agarwal, Kapeefit has built an innovative platform offering customized Ayurvedic treatment plans based on a comprehensive analysis of each user’s health profile using AI and machine learning.

“Ayurveda provides a profound framework for holistic wellbeing, encompassing mind-body harmony. But its core wisdom often doesn’t translate readily into individualized recommendations that meet today’s lifestyle needs,” said Nishant Agarwal, Founder and CEO at Kapeefit. 

Bridging this gap is what Kapeefit sets out to accomplish.

The Startup Journey: From a Personal Health Crisis to Digitizing Ayurveda

The seeds for Kapeefit were sown when agarwal struggled with some health problems in his youth, including skin issues and frequent gastric troubles. Disillusioned with modern medicine’s limitations in providing lasting relief, he found ayurvedic treatment instead, which led to remarkable improvements in his condition.

Intrigued by these positive results, Agarwal decided to understand the science behind Ayurveda during his engineering college days. He regularly met vaidyas and ayurvedic doctors to learn the nuances of pulse diagnosis, herbal formulations and detox routines. 

Later, he roped in son to turn his newfound passion into a health tech venture that would apply technology to personalize Ayurveda and make its therapeutic benefits more accessible. Kapeefit was born out of this vision.

Cracking the Code: Blending Data with Ayurvedic Wisdom

Traditional Ayurvedic practice relies extensively on the vaidya’s skill to decode the patient’s Prakrit (body type) and customize interventions accordingly. To emulate this digitally, Kapeefit built an AI-based engine that studies various aspects of the user’s health profile – disease symptoms, lifestyle routines, previous medical history, genetic predispositions, etc.

This data is analyzed by cross-referencing classical Ayurvedic texts to determine the individual’s Prakrit, along with the root cause and nature of any dosha imbalances.

Personalized diet charts, herbal formulations, exercise plans and yoga Asana are then recommended to restore equilibrium. Users are also connected to Ayurvedic doctors for follow-up consultations whenever necessary.

“Our Online Ayurvedic Consultation delivers a new level of personalization. This tech-augmented approach makes Ayurveda’s core wisdom highly relevant and pragmatic for today’s users,” explains Nishant Agarwal, founder. 

Delivering Tailored Ayurvedic Solutions Across India

Users receive specially curated Ayurvedic health packages at their doorstep encompassing customized mixtures of medicinal herbs and oils, therapeutic teas and superfoods handpicked to target their complaints – whether skin issues, PCOS, diabetes or digestive troubles.

The startup sources high-quality ingredients from ethical producers across different regions of India to retain the authenticity and organic integrity critical for Ayurvedic preparations. Their supply chain partnerships ensure traceability right from seed to shelf.

Early Traction and Fundraising

Within 3 years of launch, Kapeefit has amassed an over 10,000-strong user community and is observing encouraging clinical outcomes. Many customers report improved chronic health conditions including fertility problems, hormonal imbalances, gut issues and reversal in early-stage lifestyle diseases.

On the back of this initial success, “We aim to reach 5 lakh happy customers over the next 2 years,” shares an optimistic Nishant Agarwal.


As preventive healthcare gains momentum globally, Kapeefit is poised uniquely to spearhead the next wave of tech-driven wellness solutions grounded in ancient Indian wisdom.

Backed by a sophisticated personalization engine, the startup offers a glimpse into how Ayurveda is being reinvented to deliver authentic therapeutic experiences crafted for modern users – thus bringing alive a 5,000-year-old health science for the 21st century.

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