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Inclined Studio is leading the field of architectural photography

Ahmedabad :Architectural photography consists of good lighting, perfect focus, excellent colour blending, good use of natural light and HDR, space and a lot of certain things. It is like a documentation of a structure or any building, through which the subject states a lot about itself, and the customers get to see the outstanding visualisation without visiting the place physically. In this digital era, we all are used to with long distance relationships-friendships, even long distance property selection.

A good advertisement of any structure, such as hotel, resort, restaurant, café, school, college, apartments, needs to be picture perfect as well as filled with good quality of presentation which will be able to unfold the beauty of the subject infront of the customers, without any difficulties. Everyone has some creative part in their mind, but having a presence of mind is very important to win the rat race game of advertisement.

Inclined Studio has been leading the field of architectural photography since the last five years with dignity. It was established in 2015, and from then till now in 2020, it has successfully satisfied more than

700 customers all over India. It is actually situated in Ahmedabad, but the team accepts the projects from other states too.

Maulik Patel and Vidhi Patel are the owners of Inclined Studio in Ahmedabad. The moto of this company is to balance the concepts with technicalities. Having new ideas, and practicing their implementation in real life is what Inclined Studio is famous for. This important and unique characteristic has helped them to win quite a few awards, such as in 2017 their work managed to secure the cover page of IIID Magazine, and Timeless living in 2018. More than 150 projects were published in renowned magazines, which tells a lot about Inclined Studio's quality of work.

Why should you choose Inclined Studio to grow your business?

Exemplary photography, interior, and landscape sectors are the specialities of Inclined Studio. It works on the basis of client's needs, and the team takes an idea from the visualisation of the clients, and takes it through the development to realisation.

Good Camera : Inclined Studio uses Sony a7r 3 with remote release. This device is good for professional photography.

High quality lenses : Inclined Studio uses Sony 16-35 mm f4, keeping in mind that they need to provide natural things to their customers. Wider things look unnatural, and close objects also seem to become elongated.

Critical analysis : Inclined Studio team critically analyses the depth of the subject, and then they represent the best output of their creativity.

Hero shot : The hero shot is preferably a wide angle shot, and Inclined Studio's high skilled owners have great knowledge about the angles, and they take good care for the hero shot.

Detailed study :Inclined Studio respects the perspective of the customers, and produce great quality of detailed work.

Good lighting composition : Inclined Studio uses natural lights, HRD blending, perfect focus and space, and good exposures to make their shooting perfect.

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