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Kingston Technology Top DRAM Module Supplier in 2019


  • Rankings by Revenue Places Kingston at No. 1 with 80.33% Market Share
  • Memory Leader Provides 16Gbit-based Modules as Industry Transitions to Higher Density

Mumbai [Maharashtra] India : Kingston Technology, a world leader in memory products and technology solutions, today announced it has been ranked the top third-party DRAM module supplier in the world, according to the latest rankings by revenuefrom analyst firm TrendForce (formerly DRAMeXchange). Kingston retains its number 1 position with an estimated 80.33% market share on $12.9B (USD) revenue, according to TrendForce. The rankings for 2019 mark the 17th consecutive year that TrendForce has placed Kingston in the top spot.

TrendForce states DRAM prices were lower in 2019 due to an ample supply combined with weaker demand from both the server and client sides, thusresulting in less revenue for many module makers. Kingston was one of the few manufacturers to go against this trend and see market share grow, according to the analysts. Kingston has maintained its competitive advantage by working closely with its partners and customers to remain flexible while adapting to their ever-changing needs as well as market conditions.

The following chart with results provided by TrendForce shows the top 10 DRAM module suppliers:


New Wafer Lithography Leads to Higher-Density DRAM for DDR4

As the industry transitions from current memory modules built using 8Gbit density DDR4 chips to 16Gbit, Kingston stands ready to assist customers and address their concerns with the compatibility of these new higher-density chips on legacy platforms.The new wafer lithography needed to produce 16Gbit DRAMalso provides a power savings over last-generation 8Gbit, providing improved battery life on mobile systems and reducing costs in data centers ― all while increasing the capacity per module. Kingston began shipping 64GB Registered DIMMs last December, and also refreshed the entire Server Premier product line to feature 16Gbit solutions in July 2020.

“The generous findings from TrendForce reflectsthe company’s continuing growth and position as the leading third-party manufacturer of DRAM solutions,” said Kingston. “Our top position in the market allows us to work closely with our partners and vendors and help educate and guide customers on the transition to 16Gbit modules. The new advancements greatly further the growth of cloud computing, edge data centers and 5G networks”


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