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Krishnakumarsinhji Gohil's unique campaign on the spirit of collective life

Krishnakumarsinhji Gohil’s unique campaign on the spirit of collective life

Krishnakumarsinhji Gohil is a Young Writer and the Fashion Stylish from Gujarat.

Krishnakumarsinhji Kirpalsinh Gohil, who lives in Savarkundla and his native is Motishri (taluka Palitana) which is very famous in the field of literature. He has become an inspiration for the youth.

He took his early education from local Gurukul or K.K. Highschool Savarkundla, Amreli. Krishnakumarsinhji Gohil done his Bachelor of Arts with Economic in Savarkundla and Complete Master of Arts with Economic & Bachelor of Education with Economic in Amreli or Health Sanitary Inspectors in Amreli ITI.

Krishnakumarsinhji Gohil is a writer, many of his books are very famous.

Krishnakumarsinhji Gohil’s Grandfather JAYPALSINH GOHIL was present in Operation Blue Star during Indira Gandhi’s time, he was shot on the head. Krishnakumarsinhji Gohil has written a book on his Grandfather which is very famous even today. Krishnakumarsinhji Father KIRPALSINH GOHIL Water Supply and Sewerage Board government were working in Palitana Gujarat. Apart from this he had a big name in Palitana and used to help many people.

Krishnakumarsinhji Gohil unique initiative for education, “Faliya Education”, The school started teaching in the traditional way with board drawings. Also the Krishnakumarsinhji Gohil Unique Campaign to Educate through Current Letter was very successful, thousands of people joined it.

A spirit of collective life

A child’s first teacher cannot be his parents but the real education of a child comes from school. That is why it is said that if the school and the teacher are not good, it has a bad effect on the life of the child somewhere. One such teacher Krishnakumarsinhji Gohil has started a unique campaign of “Spirit of Collective Life” out of concern for children.

Krishnakumarsinhji Gohil says, Paying attention to children’s health, eating outside packets every day was affecting children’s health and children often fell ill and children’s growth and development did not take place properly. Every parent wants their child to eat healthy food. But some foods are harmful for children. Generally it is better to keep children away from packet food. Children’s nails should also be taken care of. Children’s nails regularly Keep cutting with a nail cutter. So if your child’s nails do not grow, then he will not be able to eat with his teeth. And easily this habit will be broken. Instead of giving expensive things and money in the hands of children Suggest to create a piggy bank. Children love piggy bank which attracts them, so suggest children to make piggy bank so children can play with piggy bank and deposit money. Explain to children and suggest them to make their own favorite piggy bank so that children will learn to save money on their own and children will also enjoy making piggy bank and it will arouse interest in children. Seeing the piggy bank, the greed of putting money in his mind will wake up and when your pocket is empty, he will go to the children’s piggy bank. This will also stop the wasteful expenditure of the children and they will also understand the importance of saving. Children will gradually learn to pursue their hobbies on their own. Instead of spending money on bad food items, children will also learn to save them. Moreover, before going to school, children should get into the habit of having a proper breakfast at home and by bringing nutritious- pure breakfast to the children from home, the health of the children will be good, due to the unique efforts of Krishnakumarsinhji, the diseases in the children were reduced and the children came to school regularly And When children bring nutritious clean breakfast from home and sit for breakfast with other students of the school, then the feeling of collective life will appear in the children, because most of the group food is glorified in India.

Krishnakumarsinhji Gohil has started a campaign, Campaign to develop qualities like unity, harmony, co-operation and group spirit in children. Krishnakumarsinhji Gohil has given this message to thousands of people, parents and youth through the collective life spirit campaign And thousands of people have joined it.

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