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Mayaa SH Book Fair Wins

Mayaa SH | Book Fair Wins

It is the Back to Back Award Wins for Mayaa SH yet again at the Globally Renowned Kolkata and New Delhi Book Fairs.

Mayaa SH — authoress, Indian essayist, and a women empowerment Culturist — who is also well known for her formidable vocabulary and penchant for unusual words, emulated her thoughts on her participation at the back to back two Kolkata International Book Fairs and the  ongoing New Delhi World Book Fair 2024 (February 10-18) at Pragati Maidan. Melting pot of Literature, Intellect and High degree of Creative Acumen set the cerebral cortex of intelligence at the Kolkata and New Delhi World Book Fairs 2024. The book fairs have been always set to captivate bibliophiles and literature enthusiasts with its grandeur and diversity. Mayaa SH’s favourite word in her rich lexicon is: ‘Spendiferous. “I love the word ‘spendiferous’ because it is only by feeling splendid in one’s thoughts at first that one acquires all the other thoughts to think and do good to all ” said the eminent thinker, Championer of women’s rights and authoress on the ‘Kolkata and New Delhi International Book Fairs ’ global platform, urging the audience to have an active engagement with thinking out of box in whatever tasks we undertake.

A good book continues to be a draw. Kolkata, the City of Joy has always been a cultural hub and a bibliophile’s haven, with independent and specialty bookstores, secondhand book stalls, as well as annual lit fests. For the book lovers New Town Book Fair was held from 28 December to 7 Jan, 2024. The largest and most popular is the Kolkata Book Fair or Boi Mela. The 47th edition of the Kolkata Book Fair was held from January 18 to 31 this year. And it was set to be the largest ever, with more than 1,000 stalls.Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, who oversees Education, Skill Development, and Entrepreneurship, officially opened the doors to the ‘World Book Fair 2024’ at Bharat Mandapam, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, on February 10, 2024. This year’s fair spans an impressive 50,000 square meters and is poised to be the largest yet, boasting the participation of over 1000 publishers from India and abroad.The World Book Fair 2024, organized by the National Book Trust of India, has been planned at the grandeur Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, spanning halls 1 to 5. The opening ceremony of the Book Fair 2024 was held at Bharat Mandapam.

At the back to back three International Book Fairs, Winning the title of “Grand Master In World Record 2023” and for her appreciation for her hardwork, dedication and creativity for her outstanding accomplishments in the field of contemporary literature as a world record holder poetess echoes Mayaa SH’s Journey. To her getting felicitated as the “Most Promising Author 2023 (only for International Book Fair Featured Authors) has been a tremendous journey through literature, Podcasts and Women Equality Advocacy.

Mayaa SH has been breaking the old age prejudices. Mayaa SH’s journey is a reminder for us to belief in the power of one’s dreams and never stop questioning the norm. There remains the faith when everything else fails, one can still take the mindset to dare to dream and beat the odds to prove the mettle in oneself. In sharing her insights, Mayaa SH gets candid on what makes women exceptionally well calibred on intelligence, grace and courage. Most of her writings have emphasised on breaking stereotypes and echo gender inclusivity. Mayaa has tried to deploy direct storytelling, rooted in culture, deeply resonating and reflecting intimate human dilemmas. Fearless transgression of boundaries and ability to voice the feminine perspective is what she has believed is an essential force in contemporary literature.

Most of Mayaa’s world records and national and international accolades stem from the inner belief that the word Impossible emulates “I am Possible”. This is inspired by the fact that Women should take active part in decision making at every level and specific domains that they are related to. When women are living safe, fulfilled and productive lives, they can reach the full potential of their talents and intelligence in life.

As an Indian female essayist many including Mayaa have made a progress to write extensively on from the conventional depictions of suffering benevolent women to delineation of their inward life and unobtrusive relational relationships. The clashing enthusiasm of man and woman in the general public because of self-affirming women, who are immersed in intense look for their personality, is the lobby characteristic of present day depiction of female characters. Mayaa SH has her own supposition on society and has effectively made an imprint for herself in the scholarly field by her self help books aimed to instill the power of self belief in minds of many readers. Her work has endeavoured to uncover her women’s activist position and the superachiever in her  speaks to woman reasonableness and their zeal to succeed in life.

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