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Mayaa SH speaks on successful stories , constructive journalism , spiritual ascension in literature , the concept of self belief , mental health and her favourite actress … 

Mayaa SH speaks on successful stories , constructive journalism , spiritual ascension in literature , the concept of self belief , mental health and her favourite actress … 

What according to you is the motivational factor behind all successful stories ?

There have been hard work, struggles, disappointments and failures in lives of many people but there is a popular saying that flowers of hope bloom only from disappointment. These great personalities did not give up in their life and with their hard work reach the point of success today. The story of their struggle and success inspires today’s generations and teaches them to struggle to achieve success in life. Compelling success stories are memorable, relatable and inspiring. They touch your audience on an emotional level and inspire them to take action. Good stories showcase change and paint a mental picture of how this change is making a positive difference in people’s lives. Success is a mix of hard numbers (profits and business growth) and soft indicators such as feeling passionate about what you do and enjoying positive working relationships. The most interstellar stories are a culmination of Passion, Positivity and Patience .

People who are driven by the pursuit of excellence set individual development goals for themselves. They focus on self belief and evaluate and monitor the quality of their own work first. This competency requires a strong focus on setting and meeting high standards.

What do you mean by constructive journalism ?

Constructive Journalism involves journalism that is driven by high degree of intellect and is focussed primarily on reporting that is focussed to bring to light solutions specially in contemporary highlights of the society . The end endeavour is to mitigate risks to diffuse conflict based situations and lay emphasis on quality and depth of the gravity of the situation at hand. Constructive Journalism involves an approach of precision to storytell to others to reflect upon nuances to tackle the most compelling questions of our time.These stories focus on inspiring solutions and critically evaluate their impact instead of focusing on problems only. Constructive journalism  can be inspirational to people to rethink their approach and even actions. There should be high degree of inclusiveness and diversity in all aspects of life, empowering mindset of people to focus on solutions, context of gather information, conducting interviewsand reflecting on stories that are accurate, informative, and timely with a  co-creation.This also highlights on an active form of objectivity, evading from negativity and unconscious bias . 

How do you define self belief ? 

It is okay to easily believe someone’s words, until you reach a responsible and powerful position in the world. If you have aspirations in life , then there is no harm in believing in a belief, but if you are in a leadership role and you have to show the way to thousands of people, then the cost of your belief is not only to the human race, but also to every person on this earth. There is a price for everything in life and the intrinsic cost of it is attached to high dose of hard work and determination to succeed irrespective if any impediments .The word humanity has to be given a new meaning in order to understand that it is only by instilling faith in yourself, you can easily do the biggest work in the world and make your life successful. To be successful in life, it is most important that you should be well aware of both your araes of improvement and strengths. That is, until you do not assess your potential correctly, you will not be able to reach your goal, nor will any set plan work in such a situation. This is achieveable when one struves for excellence and does not guve up on his or her dreams . Before setting this goal, you must ask yourself why you want to do this work. If you can’t find the answer to your question, change your goal but set individual goals for your ownself in life .It is only when you believe in yourself , then you will be able to give wings to your aspirations and maintain a forward momentum in life .  

Why is talking on mental health aspects a taboo in our country ?

Our mind is a Silent Spectator .What matters the most is how we treat ourselves first and how we pereceive our own self-worth.The word “Mental” is considered a taboo to a very large extent , but it should be noted that people are not challenged by issues plaguing them but are hassled more by the outlook of society in general towards them and these matters.It is a social and moral responsibility of all citizens to neutralise their outlook towards anything that might appear difficult or challenging to cope or adjust with , but a more  humane and empathetic not sympathetic approach in life to understand situations will prove worthwhile to build a more resilient and a tolerant environment .Most of the people are not fully aware to cope with creating awareness for themselves about being sensitised on how to tackle and talk about mental health aspects not as a disease but with logical reasoning .Health is an indicator of the completeness of person’s mental, physical and social life. Our mental health is more than physical health. It is determined on the basis of some kind of emotional, mental and social prosperity. Mental health is an index of our thinking and our behaviour. Its reflection is clearly visible in our social relationships to business relationships. The combination of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors and relationships with others classifies our personality. A person is said to have a happy and healthy life when he or she is free from physical ailments and mental stress and is enjoying good interpersonal relationships.

What are the two most powerful quotations written by you ?

What are we, what is our situation and on what ground do we stand, what are our capabilities? They should not be a marathon run only for a chase for ambitions without knowing and understanding them. Do not keep any imaginary assumptions about yourself or have any such aspiration which is not in accordance with your nature and against your own value system and set of beliefs that comprise the mettle in you.Life is a forward momentum, keep moving ahead leaving behind situations or opportunities that are no longer serving you”

“ Respect is given in life only when we begin to value ourselves first .No person was ever remembered for what he or she did but for how he or she carved his or her jouney towards a better and peaceful life for himself or herself first .When we are at peace within ourselves only then can we give the same to the outer world .Always remember , your life is not about doing things what others wish you to be good or great at , what matters the most is how and what you perceive about yourself as an individual first and allow that grace to continue to fulfill all aspects of your life holistically .” 

You give very serious interviews , to break the ice tell us something about your favourite Indian actress ? 

My favourite actress is Sara Ali Khan .Spiritual happiness, peace, love, purity are our true self-religion, which makes us virtuous. Happiness, peace, love, joy, knowledge, power and purity are needed because the soul is made up of these seven qualities. Sara is extremely talented and emulates a cinematic acting that is characterized by improvisation, abstraction, and subjective symbolism and that often makes use of experimental photographic techniques. She is extremely sincere and reflects on expressive performances through identifying with, understanding, and experiencing a character’s inner motivation and emotions. Sara is amongst new age actresses who are trained well  to use their physical, mental and emotional self in the creation of a character and stress the way in which personal experience can fire the actors imagination. She is also a champion of body fitness to improve your brain health, help manage weight, reduce the risk of disease, strengthen bones and muscles, and improve your ability to do everyday activities.

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