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Mrs. India: The Goddess Pageant Breaking Barriers in Pan India Season 2

The much-anticipated Mrs. India: The Goddess beauty pageant is back for its second season, and it’s bigger and bolder than ever before. With over 2500 applicants from across the country vying for the coveted title, and a staggering pre-pageant reach of over 10 million people pan-India, this event is shaping up to be a true celebration of womanhood in all its diverse glory. This iconic 4-day beauty pageant is going to take place in the vibrant pink city- of Jaipur – from 18th May to 21st May at the exotic venue – Shiv Vilas Palace Resort, a stunning 5-star property!

Mrs. India: The Goddess stands out among beauty pageants with its resolute dedication to inclusivity, diversity, and self-defined beauty standards. Shattering conventional norms, this platform believes in the transcendence of true beauty beyond size, shape, color, or height – a belief resonating deeply with women from all walks of life. Mrs. India: The Goddess Season 2 breaks free from age constraints, extending a heartfelt invitation to all married women, including those who are separated or widowed.

Transforming this idea from a dream to a reality is a huge challenge but, the team of Madhukamal Motion Pictures has effortlessly crafted it into a brilliance. The Founder, Mr. Meher Abhishek, has a dedicated vision to appreciate the true spirit of womanhood so that the contribution and dedication of women in our society get the recognition that they deserve. Being a man of virtues and morals, he has his own set of ideologies that make him different from the rest of the world and the platform is a living example of his vision. He was born and brought up in Kanpur and is a trained actor by Kishore Namit Kapoor, in the most prestigious acting school in Mumbai. During his acting career, he has achieved several milestones as he continued to work with many renowned Bollywood Directors. Now, he is entirely focused on uplifting the standards of womanhood as he is striving to offer this platform to the women of our society to ignite the dormant Diva, residing within them.

In the realm of true inspiration, we encounter Mrs. Rushmi Dake, the Managing Director of Madhukamal Motion Pictures and the esteemed Mrs. “Top Model” of Mrs. Maharashtra Empress of Maharashtra. She embodies a rare blend of grace, elegance, and intellect, serving not merely as a member of the management but as a mentor in every sense to all contestants. Her presence graced the Bollywood Fashion Walk as a showstopper and adorned the pages of “LOKMAT,” a prestigious newspaper in Maharashtra. Beyond the glamour of the spotlight, she stands as a dedicated social activist, channeling her insightful thoughts and worldly outlook to inspire participants to unveil their finest selves.

The success of our pageants owes much to the expertise of Pooja Singh, an acclaimed Fashion Director & Choreographer known for her innovative choreography and extensive experience in the industry. With over seven years of experience, Pooja has choreographed over 1000 fashion shows and trained thousands of models worldwide, earning recognition as a top coach for ramp-walk and stage presence. Alongside Pooja is Neelam Roy, a multifaceted professional excelling as a Director of HR in a global IT company while also making waves in beauty pageants and corporate sectors. Neelam’s dynamic persona, adorned with titles like Mrs. Compassionate and Mrs. Trendy, reflects her diverse passions for socializing, biking, fitness, and travel, cementing her status as an influential figure in social and business circles.

The jury of celebrity groomers is extensive, showcasing a lineup of esteemed professionals. If you aspire to make your mark in the glamorous world, real-life case studies and scenarios can be your stepping stones to success. Leading the pack is Dr. Aditi Govitrikar, a distinguished wellness expert, accomplished counselor, iconic supermodel, and trailblazing pioneer. With a unique educational background in medicine and psychology, she offers a holistic approach to well-being. Dr. Govitrikar made history as the first Indian woman to clinch the title of Mrs. World in 2001, inspiring millions of women to embrace their true selves and chart their own paths.

The contestants of this pageant are undoubtedly equipped with the potential to transform their lives positively. However, having a guiding light to provide that extra boost of confidence and inspiration adds a special touch to the journey. Enter Lt. Dr. Rita Gangwani, an esteemed international pageant coach renowned for her exceptional talents and unwavering commitment to personal growth. Her remarkable achievements have earned her numerous accolades, including recognition as one of India’s “Top 10 Thinkers” and prestigious national and international awards. As a motivational speaker, Lt. Dr. Gangwani has touched countless lives, empowering individuals to reach their goals and guiding them along the path to success.

Elevating the grandeur of this prestigious event is a stellar lineup of partners, each contributing their expertise and offerings to create an unforgettable experience. The heritage Shiv Vilas Resort in Jaipur sets the stage as the magnificent hospitality partner and venue, providing a regal backdrop for the pageant. Enhancing the celebratory spirit, The Mom’s Co comes on board as the gifting partner, ensuring that every participant feels cherished and pampered. Roop Saree Sadan, a renowned name in traditional attire, joins as the official outfit partner, allowing the contestants to embrace their cultural roots with elegance. Furthermore, Sirona, a leading wellness brand, has been chosen as the wellness partner, ensuring that the contestants’ well-being remains a top priority throughout the event. This carefully curated ensemble of partners adds an extra layer of luxury and thoughtfulness to the Mrs. India: The Goddess Season 2 experience.

With a grand stage set, a distinguished panel of judges, and a legion of passionate supporters, Mrs. India: The Goddess Season 2 promises to be a transformative experience – one that will leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all those who witness the true beauty of womanhood unfold. Mrs. India: The Goddess Season 2 is here to redefine beauty, empower women, and celebrate uniqueness. Don’t miss out – register now at www.mrsindiathegoddess.com!

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