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Poonam Kaur Bindra: a usual cooking lover turned entrepreneur! 

Nasik, born Poonam, had an interest in cooking since her childhood. Did she imagine emerging as one of the best chefs in the country one day? Well, she made it with her hard work and patience. 

Well, Mrs. Bindra didn’t stop there. She’s one of the most promising entrepreneurs in today’s times and has launched her app, Art of Cooking, available at Playstore.

Achieving these things in a day was not possible. She had her struggles too. But thanks to the constant support from her family, especially her father, and husband, she managed to pursue her dreams and be a well-known name in the cooking industry. 

Let’s have a look at her achievement cabinet so far. 

  • Mrs. Bindra authored a book named Flavours from an Indian Rasoi that got wide recognition. 
  • She has been recognized as one of the prominent cooks of Punjabi food in the city. 
  • She has been contributing to the Lokmat Times, Maharashtra, for six years. 
  • Mrs. Bindra also got interviewed for Femina in July 2022. 
  • She’s a part of the Dharti Foundation, which offers free food to needy people. 

Mrs. Bindra took her cooking lessons from Ducasse Academy, Paris, to learn international cuisines. Such a scintillating journey, and yet she has so much on her wishlist. She aims to feature on the cover of Forbes one day. 

If you’re into cooking and wish to be a skillful chef one day, Mrs. Bindra’s journey will surely inspire you. 

Here’s how you can benefit from the Art of Cooking app: 

  • Premium app experience with tons of international recipes. 
  • Comprehensive recipes to help you learn various cuisines and surprise your close ones. 

Mrs. Bindra’s ultimate message to the audience is: Everybody can cook. 

Yes, your hard work, intelligence, and determination can one day take you there! 

Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/chefpoonambindra/?next=%2F

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