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Ramsha- Inspiration to Young Moms

Ramsha- Inspiration to Young Moms

Ramsha Rizvi Aka Lil mum in town a mom from a small town in Bihar. She is an Influencer, Content Creator and Mom of a cute boy. She has done her B.Tech in CSE but after marriage chooses family over the job.

She believes in doing what makes everyone happy but makes sure to keep herself happy Too. She is the Only Mom Blogger from Bihar.

During a conversation with Ramsha, she tells about her journey as a content creator.

She started her journey as a content creator in Jan 2020 and now with a following of over 16k she shares her Motherhood as well as her life Journey.

Ramsha not only shares her Motherhood but her main focus is to point out the problems and issues that women face in society and gives ideas on how to take care of Yourself with taking care of everyone Her Main Focus is Self Love After Marriage.

“Women forget to love themselves in taking care of everyone around that’s why I started posting on ig about the importance of self-love for women, especially moms,” says Ramsha.

Being a Young Mom it’s quite tough to balance work and home but she manages everything so perfectly. She wants to become an Inspiration for all moms and married women out there who thinks life stopped After marriage or After having kids but in her opinion, it’s completely wrong.

“I shared what I was going through and that time I have no one and social media is full of shines no one tells u that I’m also going through this I want to create an environment that when someone opens my page they get inspiration from,” says Ramsha

Last Month Ramsha Officially was Recognized By Instagram as a Creator.

Ramsha works with many known brands like Firstcry, Amazon, Jhonson, Pampers and more. She also works as an Amazon affiliate. She told that having an audience of 16k she is always ready to help new entrepreneurs.

Get Your Daily Motivations with Ramsha and Find Her Thoughts on Instagram: www.instagram.com/lil_mum_in_town

Thoughts of Ramsha Aka lil_mum_in_town is what you need to check Daily.

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