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Sims Studio Unveils Exclusive Collection in Honor of Ayodhya Temple Inauguration

Surat (Gujarat) [India]: In a celebration of the historic inauguration of the Ayodhya temple on January 22nd, Umesh Dobariya owner of SAHJANAND GROUP, has presented a symbolic gift to renowned designer Seema Kalavadia of Sims Studio. The generous offering, a meticulously crafted saree, serves as a testament to the profound significance of this auspicious occasion.

Seema Kalavadia, the esteemed designer behind Sims Studio, graciously received the extraordinary gift, expressing her gratitude for the thoughtful gesture. Inspired by the sacred event, Sims Studio is proud to announce the launch of a special collection paying homage to the Ram temple inauguration.

The exclusive collection features an array of exquisitely designed sarees and suits, each piece a masterpiece crafted by the skilled hands of Indian artisans. Sims Studio embraces the cultural richness and craftsmanship of Indian artistry in this homage collection, showcasing a fusion of tradition and modernity.

Sim Studio Unveils Exclusive Collection in Honor of Ayodhya Temple Inauguration

Mr. Hirain’s generous contribution has not only initiated this collaboration but has also symbolized the spirit of unity and celebration that permeates the global community during this historic moment. Sims Studio’s dedication to showcasing the artistry of Indian talent is evident in every detail of the collection, which reflects the cultural tapestry surrounding the Ayodhya temple.

The launch of this unique collection is a testament to Sims Studio’s commitment to heritage, art, and celebration. The brand invites patrons and enthusiasts alike to partake in this cultural moment by exploring the Ram Temple inauguration-inspired collection, available at Sims Studio outlets and online.

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