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Simsum Arts presents International Art Exhibition at Hyderabad with 85 Artists - Galeria D' Arte (edition 4)

Simsum Arts presents International Art Exhibition at Hyderabad with 85 Artists – Galeria D’ Arte (edition 4)

When the heat of the summer days is pushing you indoors, only the most exciting activities can beckon you to venture out. On one such sweltering sunny day, on March 31st, 2023, SimSum Arts opened their doors to invite everyone to enjoy a calming, relaxing and enriching experience.

The Galeria D’ Arte, Edition 4, an International Art Exhibition was held between March 31st and April 2nd. This enchanting display was being hosted by SimSum Arts, a renowned, and highly awarded art studio which teaches Art in all forms of media to children and adults alike. The event was inaugurated by the Guest of Honour, Dr. VK Swamy, a member of the board of Fine Arts Council (approved by Govt. of India), Forensic Odontologist and Medico legal expert and President of CAFO, COCTRASI and OMILOCIwho flew in from Delhi for this Event. The Chief Guest, T Ram Mohan Reddy, Chairman of TRR Institute of Medical Sciences, was represented in person by Dr.Chakrapani, Superintendent, TRR Institute of Medical Sciences.

The works of over 85 artists from India and abroad were on exhibit in all their splendour. Nearly 60 of the exhibiting artists were students of the SimSum Arts StudioClasses. NRI’s from other countries had also sent in their Exhibits via post for an opportunity to participate in this coveted exhibition. The artwork displayed were made from different media and included forms like Charcoal sketching, Paper cutting Art, Canvas, Lippan art, Clay Art, Mandala Art, Resin Art and Pebble Art to name a few. These were works by both, budding and professional artists.

The exhibition included the display and sale of nearly 150 works of art paintings and more than 300 works of craft in all their glory. With the Art being priced in both affordable and premium Ranges, they were eagerly bought by the visiting patrons. It was breathtaking to see such intricate work in a finely detailed and curated exhibition for Art in our city.

The 3-day event also included alongside, free art workshops for all ages. They including Pebble Painting, Keychain Painting, Finger painting. These workshops were an instant hit among over  70 children and adults who participated in them and experienced a taste of the inviting world of Arts and Crafts.

Dr. Sumadhura, Founder and Head Instructor at SimSum Arts, while speaking to us quoted “In India, the Art scene has been growing over the last few years. The number of artists and quality of art has only been increasing. We conducted this Exhibition as a platform to bring together Artists and Connoisseurs of Art.” Dr. Sindhura, the other half of the duo of sisters founding SimSum Arts said “We have had an overwhelming response to our exhibition. This has made us determined to conduct them frequently owing to the increasing demand.” Dr. Sumadhura also added that within a short 3 day period itself, they had had over 500 visitors to the event and thanked them for taking their time out to encourage the wonderful artists of India. Whether you are an art connoisseur and an artist seeking inspiration, make sure to keep an eye out for their next such exhibition.

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