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Tadaang: Pioneering Brand-Consumer Connections through Innovation and Fun

Kochi Metro’s 5th Anniversary: Discover Tadaang’s Winning Formula for Brand Engagement

In the dynamic realm of brand marketing, staying connected with consumers is paramount. Brands are on a constant quest for innovative methods to forge lasting relationships with their audiences. This is where Tadaang, led by Founder and CEO Shyam Surendran, steps in with its unique approach.

“Connecting brands to consumers” is the ethos that drives Tadaang. The company understands that promoting a brand through games and contests is a distinctive way to connect with the target audience. It goes beyond traditional advertising by fostering relationships with consumers and influencing their decision-making processes.

“Whether it is to promote a product, engage with existing customers, build a database, or generate leads, running a contest is a great way to nail your objectives. We use our extensive experience in digital, advertising, and events to help you create and run exciting contests.” says Shyam Surendran, Founder and CEO of Tadaang.

In a delightful partnership, Tadaang joined forces with Kochi Metro to celebrate the metro’s 5th Anniversary uniquely and engagingly. The spotlight was on a “Treasure Hunt on the Kochi Metro,” designed to captivate metro users throughout the city.

The treasure hunt and related contests infused vitality into the metro’s 5th-anniversary festivities, creating awareness about the event and the utility of Kochi 1 Metro cards in an engaging manner. Additionally, the distribution of twenty Kochi 1 Metro cards, each valued at Rs. 1000, not only enhanced product promotion but also prolonged the event’s influence.

Participants ventured into each metro station, uncovering the distinctive themes of each location, enriching the event with an educational aspect, and deepening their appreciation of the metro and nearby attractions.

Tadaang has reimagined brand engagement, evident in the unique advantages they bring to the table. First, Tadaang leverages the innate desire to play, helping brands identify their customers through ingenious games and contests on social media, ensuring they reach the right audience at the right time.

Second, at the heart of Tadaang lies a contest platform that thrives on engagement, where users and brands create lasting impressions. Lastly, Tadaang recognizes technology’s pivotal role in interactivity and brand awareness, achieving superior outcomes by building interactive games, connecting brands with consumers in innovative ways that leave a lasting impact.

Tadaang continues to reshape brand-consumer connections, emphasizing innovation, creativity, and engagement. With a unique approach to brand promotion, Tadaang is leaving an indelible mark on the world of marketing and events.

To learn more, please visit https://www.tadaang.com/

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