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Things to Learn from The Weekly with ChoubeyJi

Things to Learn from The Weekly with ChoubeyJi

When the 2nd wave of Covid hit India, we all were restricted to our homes with just electronic devices in our hands. That was the time when everything was shut down once again just in a span of a year. 

With fear and negativity all over, all of us were looking to distract ourselves. We would go to different platforms to watch things that would either entertain us or provide us with some vital information. That’s when Anupam Anand came up with the idea of creating an infotainment show that will not only entertain people but also provide them information on various less spoken topics in society. 

Being a professional celebrity anchor, he knew how to keep the audience involved in the video and that’s how the journey of a show, The Weekly with ChoubeyJi started under the homegrown banner of Lockdown Productions. The show talks about a wide range of satirical comedy covering all topics ranging from current affairs as well as common observations made by all and also talking reality. 

Although you can watch all the episodes on the YouTube Channel named Anchor Anupam Anand and Instagram of @anupam_aanand, we thought of giving you a sneak peek into the format of the show and a summary of all the episodes which you can take away with you.

You can check out The Weekly with ChoubeyJi here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmJVU0uUfGLZy9bNyPvzr0vV74GUymnI8

Season 1 Episode 1: How Real Are Reality Shows?

Anchor Anupam Anand did a reality show in the beginning of 2021 which goes by the name of Dating Aaj Kal. It streamed on Flipkart Video and has garnered around 5 lakh views on YouTube. Since the show went on air, a lot of people were asking various questions related to the reality show. And having won the show, Anupam had a lot of knowledge about the reality of the show. That’s why he started The Weekly with ChoubeyJi with an episode where he answered various questions of the audience about reality shows in general. 

Season 1 Episode 2: Men can be sexually harassed!?

Male harassment is a thing for which there’s no law in the biggest constitution of the world, let alone the discussion or awareness. Anupam brought in the discussion through his episode where he also shared his own experience of getting harassed by a senior. The episode’s comments section and Anupam’s inbox were filled with people anonymously sharing their own experiences and trauma. The vision of spreading social awareness through information and entertainment seemed like getting achieved after this particular episode.

Season 1 Episode 3: Bhojpuri: The most vulgar language!?

Become whatsoever you want but being attached to your roots is the quality that you’ll be appreciated for, always. Being a Bihari, Anupam wanted to clear the air on the portrayal of Bhojpuri to the audience. The love Anupam has for Bhojpuri and the purity of the language has been portrayed in this episode. The negative image of Bhojpuri was cleared through logical reasoning and a lot of mind boggling facts were presented in the video.

Season 1 Episode 4: Who Are Real Influencers?

In today’s age where the millennials decide their inspirations based on the numbers and the glamor of a person, Anupam showcased the importance of choosing an inspiration well. He described why it is important to analyze your inspiration top to bottom and inside-out.  The difference between getting influenced and getting inspired was clearly conveyed in the episode. The idea was to make the youngsters have a clear look at the reality and not the gleaming glamor of various so called influencers.

Season 1 Episode 5: Why Most Indians are Unemployed!?

Unemployment is a very staggering problem in our country but analyzing it at the ground level and presenting an unbiased report on the same is a difficult task. Anchor Anupam Anand along with his team researched on it and made sure the reality of unemployment can be brought out to the public. Now, the issue can be raised by any tom, dick and harry but presenting a great example of why Anupam is best at his job, he has also included tips on how people can upskill themselves in this modern era. Thus describing the disease and making sure to provide herbs to cure the disease in a single episode of The Weekly with ChoubeyJi.

Season 1 Episode 6: Why Dressing Sense!?

When you meet someone, the first thing you observe is the way that person is dressed. If that person is well dressed then it will definitely leave a positive impact on you. Having a good dressing sense will help you a lot in various situations and this is what Anupam actually tells in this episode in length. It is so simple yet so deep. He has also spoken about the uniforms in the school and what impact they have. The type of dressing sense in the past and present has been discussed and a lot more.

Season 1 Episode 7: Why Independent Living!?

Indians have a tendency of living a major part of their life with their parents. With laundry being done by mommy, shoppings done by their daddy and homework done by their girlfriend, the kids completely go off track when they have to do something on their own. Anupam, in this episode of The Weekly with ChoubeyJi, explained the importance of knowing how to live an independent life. He explained why independent living is a very important skill to learn.

Season 1 Episode 8: Human Modification is Real!?

When the whole lot of talks and vicious stuff have been going around about the covid vaccines. With a whole lot of conspiracy theories floating around, Anupam took the initiative of explaining to people why this modification is important to us. In this episode, it has been elucidated how vaccines have been part of us for a long time and why they’re important to our body. The Genetic Modification has been clearly storyboarded in the episode. Spreading awareness indeed.

Season 1 Episode 9: Impact of Bans!

A lot of bans have been going over our country in the last few years or let me say, from decades. But are those things really banned from being sold in our country or is it just a sham to make those things more expensive. There is a huge black market of things like drugs, alcohol, etc which could make a huge positive impact on the economy of a country if it is legal. The episode brings in deeper insights into bans of different kinds.

Season 1 Episode 10: Digital Terrorism/Politics

A raging topic to end the season with. The one that got held by YouTube because of its sensitivity. But then the audience got along with it and loved the way Anupam brought insights into the other side of politics and terrorism that is not very looked upon and secret. This episode of The Weekly with ChoubeyJi dives into the psychology of hatred and how it manipulates the public through digital platforms. That is why this video is titled as Digital Terrorism/Politics. 

Choubey TV

Choubey TV is a segment of The Weekly with ChoubeyJi where Anupam brings one funny topic and the production squeezes in funny videos related to that topic. This segment was hugely appreciated and loved by the audience of the show. Although the Choubey TV segment is not separately available, you can watch them through episodes 2 to 9 of the 1st season. 


There was no blooper in the first episode but then the team decided to put in the bloopers from 2nd episode onwards. The motive behind adding the bloopers was to let our audience know the real struggles, right from shooting the content to finally bringing the episode to the audience’s screen. 

Fun Facts about the Show

  • The entire show was shot and edited on a mobile phone.
  • The show was shot in a drawing-room with lots of Jugaad!
  • None of the episodes were planned and scripted.

Season 2 

Season 2 of The Weekly with ChoubeyJi is set to go on floor this April. So the audience can expect the release of the 2nd season somewhere around mid-July. Season 2 will be bringing in a lot of surprises for the audience.

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