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YCMOU Issues 1.55 lakh certificates with Blockchain QR Code Partnering with Sapphirus Systems Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad

Launch Event:

The Nashik-based Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU) partnering with Sapphirus Systems, Hyderabad has successfully issued 1.55 lakh degree certificates with a blockchain-based QR code to its graduates during its 29TH convocation on 20th December, 2023. Dr.Raghunath Shevgaonkar, Provost, Somaiya Vidyavihar, Mumbai, Prof. Sanjeev Sonawane, Vice-chancellor, YCMOU were among the dignitaries present at the launch event. 

How YCMOU did it?

YCMOU has opted for LearningChain platform, a product from Sapphirus Systems to add a security layer for their digital and physical certificates to make them tamper-proof, globally acceptable and instantly verifiable.

LearningChain is an online platform for universities, autonomous colleges and educational institutions to secure their certificates using Blockchain technology, in this process digital copies of the certificates are uploaded on LearningChain platform to generate a unique QR code for each certificate, upon scanning the QR code it displays student academic details along with issued university information. Students will get their degrees in their inbox and can store them in mobile applications also.

About Sapphirus Systems

Sapphirus Systems, Hyderabad headed by Mr. Kiran Athota (Founder & CEO) is a global company and are the pioneers in developing enterprise-level blockchain solutions across various industries, In education sector they have a mission to combat fake certificates and streamlining certificate verification process, they have vast experience of securing digital credentials of many public and private universities in India and Overseas. Not just product, their customer-centric approach to implement solution is the key for their success.

Stakeholder Benefits

Students need not to carry physical certificates for interviews, they can share their achievements with employers using social media to build a more credible profile, and can retrieve their certificates anytime just by downloading it from their Digital Wallet.

Verifiers before recruiting any potential candidate do certificate verification from the respective certificate-issued university which is a time-consuming and tedious manual process prone to errors, instead, using LearningChain Online Automated Verification Solution verifiers can get certificates verified instantly from the university website itself saving lot of time, effort, and money. 

Though there are centralized systems available for free verification for universities, still there are burning problems of certificate forgery, data tampering and tedious manual certificate verification processes, and for all these the reliable solution is a Blockchain technology-based decentralized storage and retrieval process and LearningChain platform is the best of its kind suitable for any type of academic and non-academic secured certificate issuance and instant verification. 

For more details:  www.learningchain.in 

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