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Boss lady - Shubhrata Anil, an idol for women entrepreneurs who want to make it big

Boss lady – Shubhrata Anil, an idol for women entrepreneurs who want to make it big

In 1932, my great grandfather made his entry by opening a general provisions store that provided all types of flours, groceries and food items. He started producing edible oils of nuts from the higher regions of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

In 1948, my grandfather, Shri Om Prakash Gupta joined his father and created a separate unit for edible exotic oils and introduced cold pressed hazelnut oil, flaxseed oil and linseed oil which were unheard of back then.

My grandfather was very enterprising and was one of the first shopkeepers in the state who made shelves to display all the items in his store. A simple thing as shelves in a shop was a big thing back then!

My father, Mr. Anil Azad joined my grandfather in 1972, and enhanced the business with a the range of three best oils of the state of J&K – almond, apricot and walnut.

We have always been a wholesaler and go straight to providing oils to some of the biggest brands in the country, who buy from us, re brand and sell them.

My mother, Mrs. Dimple, the wife, constantly supported my father with this business while doing her educational jobs as a principal for three decades and balancing her spiritual life.

Coming to 2020, I am the daughter and the co-owner Shubhrata Anil.

A travel consultant by profession, I own a luxury experiential travel agency called @curatingexperiences which I started after working in some of the best travel companies in the country!

I studied from Monash University Australia, and completed my Masters and opted in Tourism many moons ago!

People remember for a fact that I am a very strong professional and have always loved my decade in the travel industry. Whether it meant to travel in adverse weather conditions, with the most trying clients, or the most luxurious palaces with the best of colleagues, I have always been the one ready to take on my duty.

When the world changed in March 2020, owing to this huge pandemic which none of us were prepared for, various questions cropped up in the minds of people around us which made us question – how r we going to survive?

I looked into my backyard! Literally into it! And found that the time had come to join hands with my father in his five decade old business!

And here I am today!

Getting phenomenal response on my new business while the travel bug in me is under hibernation

Don’t get me wrong! Travel continues to be my first love! And will always be!

But this new venture is my second love, so stay tuned.

TRIKUTA OILS promises you only the most delightful food grade edible nut oils straight from us to you complete with our love and care through our preparation.

Perfect for hair, skin and body, Trikuta Oils Jammu brings a wide range of exotic almond, apricot and walnut oils along with exfoliating oil based scrubs.

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