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Dr. Pamela Pal Das: A Queen of Many Dimensions

  • Mrs world United Nation Pageant
  • Mrs classic Global Peace Ambassador
  • Mrs India Face Of East
  • Mrs Elite India United Nation

What is your standpoint as a jury?

As a reigning queen of the pageantry industry, I want to promote diversity and inclusivity. The whole world is striving to promote the beauty of all shapes, sizes and colours today. So as an empowered woman, I can not just stick to slender-framed ladies doing a parade on stage for the sole purpose of the male gaze. Rather in all my pageantry boards, I give maximum weightage on holistic personalities. And social advocacy is also necessary to make me happy as a jury member. I have started a charitable trust with this notion. These days, instead of queenly tantrums, the world welcomes a strong woman role model with a vision and challenging attitude. A beauty queen may not necessarily be a model or actress. She can be a political person, a teacher or a doctor. We don’t have to showcase any physical features to take the world in our stride, we have enough intelligence to develop a society of free lives.

Recently, you have been honoured with Mrs Classic Global Peace Ambassador title by Siam Foundation, Thailand. Tell us something about it.

When an international title holder is about to complete her reign, depending on her total work proficiency, different boards offer her lifetime titles and crowns to work with. Siam Foundation has offered me with the international global crown for peace ambassador. It was presented by Major General M.R Waiyawat Jakkapan on International Global Peace Day. This is a lifetime title which will help me to propagate the universal agenda of peace and prosperity.

In my journey when I have been offered the crown for peace ambassador, I actually intended to promote the meaningful core values of non-violence and social justice of peace education. They can be manifested through youth minds primarily. The seed of equality can be sown only in the early stages of life. Three basic principles–respect, responsibility and solidarity are to be practiced worldwide. My idea is to create a platform where I can include civil society groups, indigenous groups and the world media. Peace-building initiatives are interlinked in nature. I’m working with many UN clubs and franchises now. Our main focus should be the long-term social behavioural changes which can seek alternative solutions to armed conflict.

How do you connect with the contestants?

In international pageantry, the most common problem faced is language barrier. We often observe a pretty lady with a big luggage, seeking linguistic support, feeling helpless on a couch of a 5-star lobby. From that very moment, as a part of management, my job starts which encompasses taking every measure till she feels comfortable. Gradually, she forgets about her individuality and becomes a part of a larger community.

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