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From Classroom to Global Arena: How Global MBA Has Transformed Education

Pune (Maharashtra) [India]: The Global MBA is a transformative force in education, breaking conventional norms to prepare individuals for success in the globalized business landscape. Distinguishing itself from traditional MBA programs, the Global MBA imparts essential business knowledge while delving deep into international markets, cross-cultural dynamics, and the evolving global economy.

Focusing on international business strategies, cross-cultural management, and global economics, the Global MBA equips individuals with a versatile skill set extending beyond local business practices. Graduates emerge proficient in navigating challenges faced by global leaders, showcasing agility and strategic foresight in an international context.

Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence (Lexicon MILE), in academic partnership with the University of South Wales (USW), offers an MBA Global program that embodies this transformative approach to education. The MBA Global program features a comprehensive curriculum of 180 credits, with 100 credits covered at USW, UK, and 80 credits at Lexicon MILE, Pune. Specializations include Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, and Production and Operations, supplemented by 10 certifications in areas like NLP, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, and Digital Marketing.

The academic structure at USW comprises three generic subjects followed by a Capstone Project in the chosen specialization, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience. This prepares students for real-world challenges, providing hands-on expertise in their respective fields and setting them on a path towards better career prospects.

The Lexicon MILE-USW Global MBA program offers numerous benefits, including access to a global network of intellectuals and fostering cultural exchange among students from different backgrounds. This global exposure enhances and broadens perspectives. These advantages collectively contribute to a transformative experience, shaping students into global professionals.

The average international placements range between 30,000 to 40,000 GBP, and Indian students opting for this program through Lexicon MILE enjoy a distinct fee advantage. Notable companies like Lloyds Bank, SIEMENS, BNY Mellon, Housekeep Ltd., Aviva PLC, TIAA, Tata Group, and more have offered placements to Global MBA graduates. The program, besides its academic merits, stands out as a cost-effective choice for students compared to other postgraduate programs in the UK. Lexicon MILE also provides IELTS preparation and Visa assistance from experts, ensuring a smooth transition from India to the UK.

The Lexicon MILE-USW Global MBA program places a high emphasis on equipping its students to compete in an evolving business environment from a global perspective. Through its industry-focused approach and internationally recognized educational programs, the program aims to equip students with both academic knowledge and practical skills that are relevant and applicable to today’s global economy. With a belief in the importance of developing people skills, the program provides resources essential for success in any professional setting. Through engaging workshops, programs, and initiatives, Lexicon MILE strives to instill the values of leadership, teamwork, communication, and adaptability in its students.

Global MBA students have had the privilege of engaging with esteemed figures such as Mr. Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the UK, Ms. Helen Clark, former Prime Minister of New Zealand, and Head of the UN Development Programme, and Lord Karan Bilimoria, President of the CBI & Founder of Cobra Beer. These interactions have proved invaluable, providing students with valuable insights and inspiration throughout their educational journey.

With its emphasis on quality education, hands-on expertise, and social responsibility, The Lexicon MILE-USW Global MBA program is an excellent choice for students seeking a global perspective and access to a diverse network of intellectuals. The program’s success is evident from the noteworthy placements offered to its students in reputed organizations, coupled with valuable global interactions and networking. Investing in this program assures a bright and flourishing future!

For more information and admissions, visit www.lexiconmile.com or email [email protected].

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