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On Pachyderms Dinos and Story Universe

On Pachyderms, Dinos and Story Universe

Purpose is very important. However, when we are creating or composing a work, we either go overboard or still wait in the starting line. It could be a journey of an ant, hare or a tortoise. Some might say, “Be an ant in winter.” But we can’t leave the grasshopper, because it’s important to add some background score to the work.

Some would rather love tortoise, and some would criticize/label us as ‘Hare.’ In all these stories, we see them pausing and creating, yet another stories. And that’s how these two Homo sapiens being met each other, while they are running and pausing in their own respective journeys.

There’s nothing common between Lakshmi and Meera,  both work in a different pace and different zone at times. And if you were to ask, “what made them come together?”- here it is. Their purpose to heal through words, and create a pond in the Universe of literature.

Yes, you heard it right. They love weaving words into stories, and forming a Yarn of stories to create a little space for the writers and authors to help them build their emotional and mental well-being.

Dr. Lakshmi Priya is a founder & CEO of a  Literary Consultancy, ‘Pachyderm Tales.’ Pachyderm Tales focuses on creating Children’s Literature and Literature written by Children. Pachyderm Tales has a huge gamut of more than 100 books under its wings. The Pachyderm Tales team be it Dr. Lakshmi Priya, or their CMO Ms. V. Uma or CPO Swetha Prakash loves elephants, and don’t you be surprised, if you are to imagine them flying on a pink eared, blue colour tailed yellow elephant, in an azure sky filled stories.

If you are wondering, about Meera- she loves leaving her long nose in everything. If possible, in the name of creating stories. She is a Passionpreneur, Growth enabler, multiple award winner for creating a marketplace for Storytelling and writing called, ‘Mayaakatha, where Stories dance’ and ‘LetsMakeStoriesDino’. She wouldn’t even spare a Dinosaur too. she also narrates stories, and can make the Giant Dino pen a few lines.

One with the love for Elephant, and one more Roaring like a Dinosaur, this combination came together, and as they were discussing to create an anthology, Airavata, an anthology starring with Elephant as a Protagonist in different shades of prosperity, was created in association Pachyderm Tales and Mayaakatha published by ‘Ukiyoto Publishing’.

Now with the Elephant-Dino, why not sing, yet another journey through a Poetry connect called Anklets in my Hands, slated to release in January 2022.

As the Dino-Elephant tasted a bit of Dopamine, along with their writing friends they are planning for 12 themes – 12 anthologies for 2022. They don’t want to do a different things, they just wanted to do simple things in a simple way.

Maybe your neurons are keen to know?

Here are some:

  • Airavata -II
  • Fire spoke to Water
  • (SHE) It’s not only in you people, we too have ( An animal perspective)
  • Pegasus
  • Do animals bleed?
  • Animal Pride
  • How and why of Animals? Tickle your funny bones
  • Simba
  • Body Positivity Lessons from Animals
  • Let’s celebrate ‘HE’ in Animals
  • Fantastic beast
  • Sci-fi Animals.

For more details, visit: https://www.pachydermtales.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/211798943266441/

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