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Renowned Business Leader and Vice Chairman of the BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Sameep Shastri, Dazzles as Key Speaker at the BRICS + Fashion Summit

Moscow (Russia): Mr. Sameep Shastri, the esteemed Vice Chairman of the BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Industry, emerged as a prominent voice in the global fashion landscape during his participation in the BRICS + Fashion Summit held from November 28th to December 2nd.

The summit, a convergence of the world’s leading fashion experts, hosted an impressive lineup of 60 public talks, discussions, panel sessions, and master classes. Hailing from over 60 countries, these experts shared their insights and experiences, contributing to the dynamic discourse on the future of the fashion industry.

Mr. Sameep Shastri showcased his expertise in two compelling discussions at the summit. The first discussion titled “Strategic Entry: Expanding a Fashion Brand into New Markets” delved into the intricacies of global market expansion, drawing on Mr. Shastri’s extensive experience in international business and commerce.

In the second discussion, “The Diverse and Promising Landscape of the Indian Market for Businesses and Brands – Reverse Pitch,” Mr. Sameep Shastri provided valuable perspectives on navigating the vibrant and multifaceted Indian market. His insights shed light on the opportunities and challenges for businesses and brands seeking to establish a strong presence in India.

Known for his strategic vision and deep understanding of global commerce, Mr. Sameep Shastri captivated the audience with his thought-provoking ideas and practical insights. His participation underscored the importance of collaborative efforts and knowledge exchange in driving the fashion industry forward.

Reflecting on his experience at the summit, Mr. Sameep Shastri stated, “The BRICS+ Fashion Summit serves as a crucial platform for fostering international dialogue and collaboration within the fashion industry. I am honored to have shared my insights and engaged in meaningful discussions with fellow industry leaders. It is through such platforms that we can collectively shape the future of global fashion.”

As Vice Chairman of the BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Sameep Shastri continues to play a pivotal role in promoting economic cooperation and collaboration among the BRICS nations. His participation in events like the Moscow Fashion Summit further enhances the Chamber’s commitment to facilitating knowledge exchange and fostering business partnerships on a global scale.

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