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Shree Karauli Shankar Mahadev’s enlightenment at a “Bhagwat Katha” ignites divinity among devotees

During the Katha, he spoke about many critical topics of spirituality, including how to get rid of negativity and negative energies.

It was surreal to see how the revered and well-respected Shree Karauli Shankar Mahadev won hearts at the concluding ceremony of “Bhagwat Katha,” hosted by the renowned and prominent Pandit Shivakant Ji Maharaj in Isha Nagar, Chhatarpur. Gurudev represented his esteemed Karauli Shankar Mahadev Purvaj Mukti Dham, Kanpur, and enlightened the crowd with insights from the scriptures and more.

While addressing the audience, he spoke about the transformative power of “Hari Gyaan,” offered in the Bhagwat Katha, which can liberate devotees from negative memories and energies. Attending the much-talked-about spiritual event as the Chief Guest, he held everyone’s attention with his words of wisdom.

Shree Karauli Shankar Mahadev warmly welcomed everyone present at the event and spoke about the primary causes of human ailments and suffering. He identified key factors like ancestral sins, Kaal Sarp Dosha, negative rituals, and idol worship. Speaking on the same, he said, “Our ancestors’ memories continue to reside within us even after they depart from the world, which creates challenges and afflictions during our lifetime. Besides this, people adhering to improper rituals, non-scriptural practices, and superstitions often get misled and connected with negative energies that lead to their suffering in life.”

Hence, he emphasized practicing rituals and performing worship correctly to avoid any negative impact and influences. He cautioned people about placing deities or idols above a certain height at home as this generally attracts negative energies. He advocated seeking guidance from an authentic and genuine Guru for people to establish a divine connection with Lord Shiva and Shakti. The blessings of Shiva Shakti can only be facilitated by a Guru, he believes, which helps people gain relief from all their worldly afflictions and negativity.

He highlighted how Karauli Shankar Mahadev Purvaj Mukti Dham is a divine place where people can find their peace, solace, and a sense of divinity through the holy presence of Shiva Shakti and the presence of the revered Guru Pandit Shri Radharaman Ji Mishra.

In conclusion, Shree Karauli Shankar Mahadev prayed to Lord Mahadev, Maa Kamakhya, revered Babaji, and Guru Mataji for taking away people’s sufferings and challenges. For children, an MP2 (Memory Purification) event was also held. People gathered at the event, approximately 50,000 created an atmosphere of spiritual fervor.

They concluded the event with “Jay Jay Radharaman Hari Bol” Bhajan and chanted “Har Har Mahadev,” signifying the culmination of a spiritually enriching and divine event.

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