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Souvik Roy – The young Digital Entrepreneur and the man behind Digihap and Leranohap

Souvik Roy – The young Digital Entrepreneur and the man behind Digihap and Leranohap

Souvik Roy is the founder of Digihap and Learnohap, an e-learning platform that provides a plethora of courses in the sphere of Digital Marketing, entrepreneurship, start-ups, solopreneurship, and finance. He is a Digital Marketer by profession together being an author, motivational speaker, sales mentor, digital marketing coach, consultant, content creator, and what not, indeed a multifaceted personality in the early 20s.

It goes without saying that we live in a digital age, and with so much digitization happening all around us, it’s past time for both businesses and end consumers to embrace digital transformations as soon as feasible. We are at a period where all businesses, large and small, must take advantage of innovative digital platforms in order to achieve maximum success. With the overall trend of the Digital World conquering the globe, businesses are rushing to embrace the digital revolution in order to stay competitive in the modern era. Souvik Roy, one of the leading young Digital entrepreneurs of India with his innovative skills and latest digital trends and technology embarked on his journey with the mission to take businesses to the next level.

Souvik has gained years of experience in Digital marketing and social media at a very young age of 16 serving a huge clientele all across the globe. This qualifies him as an author, and it has prompted him to write books on digital marketing and entrepreneurship. He conducts several workshops, and his firm, Digihap and Learnohap, provides Digital Marketing coaching and consulting to thousands of aspirants, transforming them into experts in the fields of Digital Marketing, entrepreneurship, and finance, and propelling them higher in their careers by achieving their goal of becoming an expert in their specific field through digital skills. His immense skills and knowledge of Digital Marketing make him stand apart from the crowd.

In today’s competitive increasingly complex digital environment, businesses are struggling to attract their target customers, and here is where the need of marketing yourself effectively to get more leads and customers comes into the picture and Souvik is known to be in the tribe it’s been many years as a digital marketing consultant and coach that has helped several aspiring Digital marketers, start-ups and established businesses help better reach their customers and close more sales.

Claim to Fame – Souvik Roy

  • 6 figures International Business Coach
  • Conducted 50+ sessions in different niches
  • Worked with 15+ top brands globally
  • Trained over 20000+ Students and Professionals and Helped them to Start their Digital businesses and Generate Revenue.

If you are struggling to reach your target market and are failing to reach your set revenue targets, its high time for you to wear several hats to grow and sustain your business with the best and leading Digital marketing expert Souvik Roy that can help you reach your goals strategically from start to finish. So, what’s stopping you? Learn more and enroll now.

Website – www.digihap.in

Instagram – https://instagram.com/digitalsouvikk?utm_medium=copy_link

YouTube – https://youtube.com/channel/UCRb1QLzWX9sqGESGhOviS3Q

LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/souvik-roy-ba7273218

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