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Vaishali B Paul, professional Graphologist, handwriting analysis, renowned graphologist, psychometric testing professional, author, NLP practitioner, high-performance coach,

Vaishali B Paul: A professional Graphologist Mastering Mindsets through handwriting analysis

Assessing a person’s personality through their handwriting requires some skill. But did you ever consider the potential employment benefits of handwriting analysis? You may be surprised to learn that graphology can advance your career. The allure of graphology is in its ability to evaluate personality and character in the context of handwriting analysis. This means that a skilled graphologist can interpret your handwriting, regardless of how well or poorly done it is. Introducing Vaishali B Paul, a former banker and an emerging renowned graphologist, psychometric testing professional, author, NLP practitioner, and high-performance coach who has made significant contributions to the field of graphology.

Various organizations and professionals are making efforts to look at their issues with a new lens and upgrade overall productivity. COHORTSKILLS through its Employee Evaluation Program (EEP) helps corporates make wise strategic decisions in the hiring process and appraisals. By incorporating graphological analysis into the recruitment process, human resource departments can gain profound insights into candidates’ personalities, helping identify individuals whose traits align with the organization’s values and client-centric approach.

As early adopters of Graphology, COHORTSKILL offers an excellent tool for determining a couple’s compatibility quotient. In handwriting, every dot, line, curve, and loop conveys a great deal about a person’s personality, including their emotional reactivity, attitude on life, professional aspirations, libido, mental predisposition, past trauma, and even health concerns. Compatibility between couples is compared using graphology, which considers all factors. Along with providing couples with effective advice, COHORTSKILLS is committed to offer support Relationship counsellors/Therapists to use graphology as a supplemental tool for improved prognosis.

To maximize impact and influence on their clients and instil greater confidence in their counseling skills, COHORTSKILLS is on a mission to train one lac psychology aspirants in graphology mastery. Needless to say, incorporating Graphology as a medium of comprehensive client evaluations technique has helped many counselling professionals starting their career speed up diagnosis and provide a deeper understanding of their clients even before they start talking.

Vaishali B Paul, as a seasoned Graphologist, has helped many professionals use handwriting analysis to advance both personally and professionally. Through her website, http://www.cohortskills.com, she has trained more than 500 professionals from different walks of life including psychology enthusiasts, coaches, mentors, psychologists and people who are contemplating their lives. She founded COHORTSKILLS in 2021, a platform that provides specialized training in Graphology to help comprehend human conduct, emotions, thoughts, and physical problems. Her platform offers training courses with interactive, interesting activities, practical case studies, and in-depth lectures for both beginners and experienced professionals. Services offered by COHORTSKILLS include Couple Compatibility assessment , Personal SWOT analysis and other effective programs for individuals as well as corporates.

With her first book, “10 Compelling Reasons to Master Graphology,” Vaishali throws light on how knowledge of Graphology can help aspiring psychology students and young professionals in the counseling space reach their greatest potential. She offers more than just guidance; she creates a partnership in success by customizing her approach to fit unique demands. Vaishali is dedicated to shedding light on the less-travelled path, and her go-getter attitude may serve as your guide through the fascinating field of graphology.

“Graphology isn’t just a skill, it’s a gateway to deeper interpersonal comprehension and personal excellence,” quotes Vaishali B Paul. Quite convincingly you can follow her and become lost in the intriguing maze of handwriting.

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