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A Q & A Session with the founder of TNT designz Ahmad Ghoneim

A Q & A Session with the founder of TNT designz Ahmad Ghoneim

There’s a famous saying that anything which keeps you going and thriving without making you feel tired is something that is your PASSION. And when your passion comes in as a profession, that’s when you meet success.

Ahmad Ghoneim is a highly competent engineer who left his field to pursue a career he was very passionate about.

And that was GAMING ..

So, he started a company named TNT Designz in the United Arab Emirates.

We luckily got a chance to have a small session with him in which he humbly answered our questions.

So, Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Asking him about Switching his Career

And were there any difficulties he faced while doing so?

Ahmad’s answer:

-What inspired me to switch my career and follow my gaming passion is that someone could never be as successful as in working in his passion, and this started when I was 5 years old.

Moreover, I didn’t face any substantial challenges because the market in UAE is a promising one and there isn’t big competition in this sector yet. And that’s how the TNT Designz idea came to life.

What made him believe that this Idea is going to be a successful one?

Ahmad’s answer:

First, my self-confidence and big trust in Allah are the two biggest motives.

Second, I failed too many times before setting up TNT Designz especially when I was in Lebanon, so what I actually wasn’t losing, were lessons learned and experience earned.

Third, our high-quality products and professional design and execution team, along with professional project management, honesty, and great customer, were the main reasons that made me think that TNT Designz will be a successful one.

Is he Looking forward to Other Collaborations too?

Ahmad’s answer:

Sure, collaborations make the business strong especially for building our reputation in the UAE market, we will do more collaborations soon.

In addition to that, our top priority is to make customers happy and serve them the best available options as much as we can, and collaborations will lead us to better results.

His Advice for the Aspiring Gaming Enthusiasts!

My advice for any gaming enthusiast is that if you think that you have potential accompanied by a great business idea.

Then don’t be afraid of trying it out! We only live once! And always follow your passion as I did and without me doing so, TNT Designz would have never come to life.

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