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Amalgamating tradition with science Shoonyaakar Ayurveda aims to redefine natural oil care through 100% natural offerings

Amalgamating tradition with science, Shoonyaakar Ayurveda aims to redefine natural oil care through 100% natural offerings

Shoonyaakar Ayurveda’s Bhumija hair oil is a 100% natural formulation that blends 30 ayurvedic herbs and cold-pressed oils sourced from Mother Earth

India is blessed to possess the knowledge of Ayurveda which has been passed on to generations. As adults, we reminisce about our childhood days when our Nani used champi while listening to folktales. It was more than just taking care of our hair; it was a tradition. The desire to ensure wellness through 100% natural offerings led to the inception of Shoonyaakar Ayurveda. A brainchild of Rajiv Sharma and Khushboo Solanki Sharma, Shoonyaakar Ayurveda amalgamates traditional knowledge with science to deliver best-in-class offerings.

Khushboo Sharma, now a mother of two, recalls the fondest memories of herself and her sister getting a champi from her Nani while listening to folktales. Her Nani would make her own ayurvedic hair oil at home, soak her hair with oil, massage their scalp and make two chotis. Habitual to Nani’s homemade oil thrice a week with two ponytails, it all changed when Khushboo’s Nani passed away during the Covid-19 pandemic. Losing a grandparent isn’t just a relationship loss, but a part of childhood lost with them.

Hopping from one product to another, her family never liked or settled on any alternative product available in the market. Then, she received a package from her mother, who had 5 liters of the same magical hair oil along with the recipe. A blessing in disguise as it was, Khushboo wished that every person should benefit from her nani’s formulation. Thus the couple set out to build a brand that derives from ancient science and integrates modern technology.

After becoming accustomed to using 100% natural and homemade Hair oil made with Ayurvedic herbs and cold-pressed oils, it really became difficult for my kids and me to shift to some other product. I, as a mother, would extensively research the product and its ingredients before trying it. Even after getting our hands on the most well-known products in the market, we would be disappointed by the added fragrances, chemicals, and sulfates. It would ruin the quality of hair. My desire to let the youth benefit from Nani’s wisdom prompted me to set up Shoonyaakar Ayurveda,” says Khushboo Solanki Sharma, Co-Founder, Shoonyaakar Ayurveda.

Her hair oil recipe made from 30 ayurvedic herbs was established under Bhumija, which means “from the earth”, and aims to bring out the best of mother nature’s goodness for self-care. Loaded with ingredients such as Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Bhringraj, and Amla, Bhumija hair oil locks moisture, strengthens hair follicles, and keeps the scalp clean, resulting in strong and healthy hair.

Shoonyaakar Ayurveda now aims to strengthen its product line and diversify its offerings to ensure holistic well-being through nature. Products are now available on their website www.shoonyaakar.com and amazon.in

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