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Smile Conclave 2024: A Business Collaboration Igniting Positive Change

New Delhi [India], March 18, 2024: Dr. Ekta Chadha, the visionary Founder of The Smile Studio, GK-1, orchestrated the highly successful ‘Smile Conclave’ at the esteemed Delhi Golf Club on February 29, 2024. This groundbreaking event transcended traditional conclave settings, making a lasting impact on societal well-being.

A Conclave with a Social Conscience and Diverse Partnerships

The Smile Conclave wasn’t just an event but a business collaboration with a profound social conscience. The inclusion of Several Corporations expanded the collaborative efforts, demonstrating a commitment to positive change. The conclave focused on uplifting society, with a special emphasis on the less privileged.

Fostering Empowerment, Knowledge Exchange, and Personal Stories

This transformative gathering wasn’t only a conclave but a business collaboration fostering empowerment, knowledge exchange, and personal stories. A standout feature was the impactful panel discussion on ‘Women Role Models’ & ‘Health And Wellness’ featuring accomplished panellists. Additionally, Dr. Ekta Chadha shared a compelling case study of Shama Soni, showcasing the transformative power of dentistry in changing lives.

Key Sponsors, Collaborators, and Partners

  • Dabur: A key sponsor contributing to the event’s success and societal impact.
  • Yes Bank: Providing vital support to the Smile Conclave, reinforcing its commitment to positive change.
  • Kikgerm: Kids styling partner adding creativity and vibrancy to the event.
  • Aroma Magic: A vital contributor to the wellness aspect of the conclave, enhancing the attendee experience.
  • Global Spa Magazine: A strategic partner amplifying the event’s reach and influence.
  • Pluc TV: Media Partner, adding an extensive reach and diverse coverage.
  • Magnum: CSR Partner, enhancing the social impact of the collaboration.
  • Cutty Sark: A valued partner, contributing to the multifaceted success of the Smile Conclave.

Collaboration for Social Impact and Personal Transformation

Collaboration with sponsors and partners was crucial in supporting Abhinandan Educational and Welfare Society, an NGO headed by Manisha Bhatia. It showcased how businesses with a shared commitment to positive change can contribute to societal well-being. The Smile Conclave, led by Dr. Ekta Chadha and supported by Manisha Bhatia, stands as a testament to the impact of collaboration in fostering empowerment, knowledge exchange, and personal transformation.

Empowering Through Dentistry: Dr. Ekta Chadha

Dr. Ekta Chadha, a Consultant Aesthetic Dental Surgeon and the founder of The Smile Studio, powered this event with her unique approach. The case study of Shama Soni exemplifies how dentistry can be an eye-opener, transforming lives and instilling confidence. Initially facing a significant challenge with a limited 2-inch gap in her mouth, Shama Soni underwent multiple rounds of treatments, including full mouth rehabilitation and dental implants, over one year. Today, she enjoys improved oral health and has regained the ability to live her life to the fullest with confidence.

Spreading Smiles in Tough Times

The Smile Conclave, supported by leading sponsors, partners, and collaborators, brought smiles to attendees’ faces, spreading happiness and awareness about the importance of health. This event is not just a memory; it’s a thriving business collaboration that led to positive change, leaving an enduring impact on the societal landscape.

For more information, please visit: https://booknow.smilestudiodelhi.com/

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